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I´m French

In what year did you start?

I began to paint this set 8 months ago… i painted a lot this last few months… and i began to stick my eyes in the street 5 months ago i think, and i became a serial sticker

How you define your work?

it´s so difficult to define yourself but, I´m a eye reader, i capture the emotions in the eyes of people that i met. Then, each aye its a new story to relate on a painting. Therefore, if i have to choose 3 expressions to make my portrait, there ´ll be : EYE READER – EYE PAINTER – EYE SERIAL STICKER

You change stickers?

For the moment, i print and give them to my friends or people who ask for that, all arround the world… it´s a fruitful sharing between them and me. I give more than i change.

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