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In what year did you start?

Well, I started with the theme of the stickers in 2013, those Christmas I made the first throw, to try, and I was hooked, it was my vice. If it is true that I was very little by little, for economic reasons and for time, I spent a whole year alone with that circulation, until 2014 I did not do more. And already in the summer of 2015 I started to give more cane, and to try more things, and until now.

How you define your work?

I personally consider myself a cheerful guy, always laughing and looking for the good side of things. And as for the mole, because everything comes from there, from that positivism, I’m leaving, installing, hitting, painting … moles everywhere I go, for every corner, for every corner. With the intention of getting people a smile, liven up their trips back home or to the job, or wherever … trying to make the streets more than a sad gray wall. I could say that I am an “urban artist” whose ephemeral art seeks the reaction and reflection of the people, and their interaction with the environment, and also the complicity and participation in this project to make the street more cheerful. I make my interventions and the people are the ones who give them life, searching, hunting and even taking them and moving them to more corners and places in the world. I always try to find the good side of things, and face life in the most positive way possible, and that I try to convey … Lift the head of the phone, smile, observe and reflect.

You change stickers?

Of course, I love doing it, it’s more I collect stickers from all over the world, and I’m creating a personal gallery with things of artist of the world. This cool to be able to share what we do with each other.

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