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I’m Finnish and I live and work in Helsinki.

In what year did you start?

Well, I participated in my first exhibition in 1994, I had just graduated as a silversmith. My first stickers I made in 2001 but I didn’t really call them stickers then. They were called “art coating” which sounds pretty funny now.

How you define your work?

I’m a sculptor, but I’ve always expanded formats of ideas behind my works. I use very basic and iconic themes but connected with something new or unexpected. So a sticker that is based in my sculpture is one of the expressions of my work; after slapped it becomes a part of mixed reality – for example my sculpture PAY ON TIME MOTHERFUCKER which I did in 2007 and now over ten years later I see it as a steetsticker adding its own surreal to the reality! In that sense the sticker is a very democratic artform and it allows the reality bending more than many other artform. I also love the idea that my works have a life of their own outside the museums and art galleries, it shows how strong they are.

You change stickers?

Yes, I’ve done some trading. Probably get more activated with it when my new stickers series is ready.

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