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American, California, USA! But I’m Polish/English

In what year did you start?

I started the sticker game way back in 2003, I can’t believe its been that long. I was visiting Philadelphia and New York City during summer break and I fell in love with street art culture and characters such as Robots Will Kill, Bob Will Reign, El Toro, UWP and many more. To my surprise those character artists were just starting up, so its been a treat to evolve and stay friend with them. Back then I was just doodling cartoons and random objects to put on the street, it took some time for the “josh?” character you see now !

How you define your work?

When starting a street art lifestyle, you have to come up with a clever name to define you. Well I never came up with one! It was gonna be “Question?”, but people asked what, who? So I stuck with my real name to make it easy… yes my real name is Josh! “Question Josh?” is just a silly character, plain and simple. I try to keep things clean with the linework and just have fun with it!

You change stickers?

I get asked this daily. I trade when i’m all caught up with my day job and have free time, which is becoming harder and harder with adulthood! But I do try to trade with people that clearly get stickers up on the street, if you want stickers just for your blackbook I suggest you check out my online store and help support!

Where to follow you ?