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Dutch (The Netherlands)

In what year did you start?

I started with graft around 1998, during my grafftime I also made stickers, but most of the time just with a tag on it. Early 2017 I started to put more afford in the slaps, and since then I’m in the game. Still doing some graff, but the slaps is the minting at the moment.

How you define your work?

I have one type of character that I make a lot, I (almost) always use neon colors for them. I think that’s my biggest trademark. I use spray paint, markers and eggshellstickers for them, so I can put some effort in them and they last longer.Further I make just the normal slaps with a tag or throwup/ piece on it, there I use sometimes non-eggshell-stickers. One thing is for sure, I like to make it colorful!

You change stickers?

Yes I trade stickers, I think that’s a very cool element of the game. You see yourself hanging all over the world and make some nice connections/ collections and gives a lot of inspiration.

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