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Spanish specifically from Madrid.

In what year did you start?

I started 27 years ago with the first tags, graffiti and by those years I used stickers with my tag because from a very young age I understood graffiti as being seen, regardless of where and with what you do, although it was not until 2002 when it emerged the Yatusabes pandemic and I turned all my creativity and effort into stencil.stickers and guerrilla posters

How you define your work?

My work has always been in search of new ways to plague the cities with materials, forms and utensils for it. Always looking for originality and stand out from the rest

You change stickers?

Of course I do what I can not with everyone who wants to also there many abuses of people who then do not send, so I have a pack for those who want them and if we see each other on the street I sure have glue to exchange

Where to follow you ?