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My nationality is Indonesian.

In what year did you start?

I started this project from 2017. First I used the name “DARIKAMI (Dedikasi Ringan Kaum Minoritas, English:” Little Dedication from Minority “). I changed it with the name “HIRIKITIK” at the beginning of 2018. There is no reason for me to change this name. I
just want to change this name because I got the name Hirikitik (2014) long before the
name Darikami (2017). And it’s useless if the name Hirikitik isn’t used.

How you define your work?

Hirikitik is an individual project. This project is a social criticism of war, violence, conflict and bullying that we often encounter in society. My main goal is to invite to respect differences, so that peace can be realized with love, without any reason to start war or start conflict.

You change stickers?

For my sticker, I don’t sell it. I just share it with friends or other people who want it. For now Hirikitik only prints stickers. Maybe in the future, I will explore accessories such as pins, key chains, t-shirts, or jackets so that my propaganda look. But, this is just a plan.

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