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In what year did you start?

I started in London streets, back in 2009 pasting up customized cardboards with mostly “skuarezombie” (square+skull+zombie) designs, then in 2016 I came back in the game in Madrid with handmade stickers and paste-ups trying to keep the originality and uniqueness of it. Recently I ended up printing stickers as I could make substantially more of them to share and trade, but I still cut all of them one by one by hand to make sure they still are unique, plus, I like the feeling that every single sticker goes trough my very own hands (paste-ups are still 100% handmade).

How you define your work?

According to what I hear about me, I’m a very creative person. Yes, I love finding new ideas and enrolling in different projects. The best thing is that I like to take time and enjoy the creative process step by step, with lots of love and discipline when necessary, trying to feel that I live according to my rules and not to what everyone is supposed to do/think (not that easy, there will always be deadlines to be respected in the real world). I always attempt to keep in mind that pushing the boundaries or trying to go one step beyond will bring the extra strength on pursuing the excellence in any creative project.

You change stickers?

Normally yes, but sometimes I stop for a few weeks (as usually don’t like to say no and I tend to accumulate too many trade commitments so I like to take breaks (needless to say that shaping all of them by hand takes some effort).

Where to follow you ?

Last but not least, I’d like to point out that I wanted to keep the profesional stuff and the street stuff separated (mostly I wanted to stay low profile on the streets, I just wanted to decorate them for fun and leave anonymous messages for the people, but I didn’t want a name or pretending to be famous whatsoever), but I’m feeling that they are both converging unavoidably, so I guess that, looking at how the creative social medias flow nowadays, I will use the instagram account to share different works, not just street stuff, as well as, on the other hand, showing the street stuff on my website too. Yeah, not that easy for me to just put-the-links-and-run here 😉