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English / London

In what year did you start?

)I Started back in 2008 aged maybe 12/13. I remember my friend handing me a 50mm marker and told me to think of a name, I cant remember it since it was so long ago but from that day we wrote on anything that was smooth. After traveling and seeing the amazing art in other country’s it lit a fire that made me fall in love with street art all over again. Then toward the end of 2017 I finally decided on stickers since they are so easy to mass produce and are so versatile as I can use whatever design I wish and can put them up where I want in seconds.

How you define your work?

The face deep down represents myself facing challenges then over coming them and motivates me to continue to work hard. To some it means nothing but to me it has a story that spans many years.

You change stickers?

I love to trade stickers. Getting home to find a letter from a different country filled with stickers that I can collect, and use is amazing. I love seeing where my stickers end up and seeing pictures of them in places I wish one day I will visit myself.

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