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In what year did you start?

I’ve been experimenting with art on stickers and paste ups since 2004 and kept on keeping on until around 2009, when weird shit happened and put my life upside down. But still I put up my stickers – not daily, but every now and then, I just stopped documenting it. Back in 2015 I cought that sticker virus again; I started my Instagram account, met the homie CASPA with whom I had traded zen years earlier, I started to make new designs, returned tot he trade business and finally even joined CASPAS crew HITSQUAD

How you define your work?

I am not an artist, eventhough art inspires me. I don’t have a message to spread and I don’t feel like anyone out there is waiting for me to share my wisdom. I’m simply on the mission to put stickers up. I love to live an urban lifestyle and I love to live in urban surroundings. I love to explore big cities, especially in the nighttime, by walking around, with the homies or all on my own, and have an eye on graffiti and stickers, but also on the people I see and the clubs and bars. For me, this is a very good way to explore cities and their local characteristics. Best part is: While walking, I can put up my stickers aswell and become immediately a small part of the city.

You change stickers?

No, not in the moment.

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