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Mexican – Spanish.

In what year did you start?


How you define your work?

Realistically, I consider that in my life, as in my artistic work, I focus on the reality that human beings live, understand that our world goes beyond what we can see. I go against an established order, in the religious and social issue. I am not a religious but spiritual person, I believe in the kingdom of the dead, life in the whole universe, I consider nature and the cosmos as the driving force of life. I really like to represent my native culture in my works and I am proud of where I come from. I mention all this in my book “Crumbs on the road” (Migajas en el camino).

You change stickers?

Yes, I like it very much, being able to exchange material with other people in the world motivates me a lot to know that my works are in other aprtes of the world and that I collaborate so that the works of others are diffused. I am honored that people from other countries are interested in my work and can appreciate it. since 2013 I started to exchange material and now practically every week I am sending from 2 to 4 packages

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