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Polish, from the city of Łódź in Central Poland

In what year did you start?

I originally started around 2009, when I was on my last year of University. Back then I was doing only handmade stickers, after many pauses with the regular sticker creation I returned back to regular daily drawing.

How you define your work?

I am inspired by pin-up artwork of Gil Elvgren, Frank Frazetta and more modern art by Kim Jung-Gi and Otto Schmidt. What I try to do is to draw female pinup with a twist. So most of the girls I draw are heavily tattooed, have android body parts or are a bit stylized to look “post apocalyptic”. I draw the original art either directly on a vinyl sticker with Sharpie pens or in Procreate and then print them at the local print shop. I do really small print runs to keep the artworks unique so rather than print 500 copies of one design I prefer to do 5 copies of 30 different designs. I also have some themes I like to incorporate in my stickers: mostly cartoon characters, animals and as mentioned before tattoos.

You change stickers?

Yeah! I recently did an awesome sticker exchange with a guy from Japan, super exciting to receive a package of art from a different end of the world.

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