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In what year did you start?

Back in 2014 I created little birds for myself and in 2017 I started sharing them with the rest of the world.

How you define your work?

Birdly – creates birds, which are usually drawn on posters and locates them in urban environment.
I have chosen the image of birds for my works, as they personify freedom and street art is freedom for me. Moreover, this simple image of bird shows that we are all the same but with our own features and characteristics. Besides, I also noticed that sometimes it can look ironic when a bird which basically associated with freedom, presented in the character of a prisoner or a banker.
In addition to street posters, I make stickers, pins and T-shirts with the image of signature birds. Each bird is a new character, which presented in different professions, subcultures and nationalities. The posters themselves appear in specific places which suits the character.

You change stickers?


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