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In what year did you start?

I started sticker art in 2013. I first made paper stickers but after a little while I used vinyl stickers. I can’t actually remember were I put my first stickers, but what I can certainly say is that right now I don’t go anywhere without them!

How you define your work?

A guy who wants to live the present as intensely as possible and not to spend his days with his head in the clouds. This is also related to the theme of Mr. Minimal, a project I started several years ago even before getting into poster and sticker art. Through this project I’d like to draw the attention to the prison made up of routine and stressful situtations we live into and our way to escape with the mind. From an artistic point of view, I am always in search of a synthesis, a language endowed with simplicity and effectiveness, this is the reason why in Mr Minimal project I challenged myself by drawing a character with as few features as possible, that is, minimalistic.

You change stickers?

Yes, I do exchange stickers because that gets me in touch with people all around the world. Stickers are small and simple artistic tools travelling fast through a self-organized and dense net, thus delivering their message far away from home.

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