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I’m from Florence, Italy

In what year did you start?

I spread my stickers in the world from 2008

How you define your work?

I thought about creating a logo that spread a socially important message as opposed to commercial logos that bombard us every day. So I drew a stylized tree as the logo for my “Plant a Tree” propaganda. Over the years the logo has grown like a real tree: the leaves are born and spread also other message. At the beginning the stickers were only part of the project, but after I got to know many other artists and exchange sticker with them. So I knew the world of sticker art and I fell in love. The stickers is a perfect media for make known my “Plant a Tree” project worldwide and the street is the better place to reach as many people as possible with my message

You change stickers?

Yes. I trade on internet but, above all, I love trade stickers with people I meet personally.

Where to follow you ?