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I´m from Madrid, Spain

In what year did you start?

I started in 2018, even though some people assure they´ve been seing the face with the wool hat for at least 5 years. No idea what they are doing.

How you define your work?

It all started with the Big Brother, you know, the distopic society leader from George Orwell´s book 1984 (100% recommended if you haven´t read it yet).
The face is from the propaganda posters that come up the 1956 film, which seemed much more aesthetics than the one from the book: I adapted it to modern times by adding the wool hat and the earring, and changed the angry face for a more “kidding” facial expresión. They can put on their costumes as much as they wan´t, but big brother is still there, watching us (who is in real charge doesn´t need to show angry or shout), and also it´s a way to take all this with humor.

You change stickers?

Sure, if possible I prefer meeting for sticker trades, post office really bore me.

Where to follow you ?