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I’m Spanish

In what year did you start?

I started to paint graffiti on paper when I was barely 6 years old, in the dead times my mother used to give me a paper and tell me to paint something, I guess that is how I developed my creative affinity and so far I have never stopped doing it. A little over a year ago, in 2018 I started with the creative label under the name of Champ1erre, recording video clips and doing projects to create clothing accessories. I’ve never had a course and that’s how I started with the stickers and posters while making graphic design sheets.

How you define your work?

I am a creative brand that can do anything, videos, illustrations, gifs, clothes, accessories … in the end you put the limits and why limit yourself being able to cover everything you like.

You change stickers?

Of course I do exchange. I think the world of stickers is much more familiar than others. In graffiti there is always ego involved, however, the stickers are anonymous too but it is much easier to relate or make colleagues inside. There are no interests and that is cool.

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