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German artist based in Zurich (Switzerland)

In what year did you start?

I started to paste up roboter and other character stickers in 2012 but the DidyoufindmySticker project started in 2016.

How you define your work?

I define my work as interactive, innovative and it presents my unique point of view of how the future of art should be – interactive and accessible by everyone. So, I started the street art project DidYouFindMySticker. The idea is simple: Go out and find all my alien stickers. But since everything I do is closely connected to technology there is a catch to it: All the alien stickers are equipped with an NFC tag so that people can interact with them. If you find one on the streets, just scan them with an NFC-enabled mobile device and a website will open showing a short story about the alien.

But not just my aliens have stories to tell. Each piece of art out there has its own unique story, but most of the time we miss out on it and just see the result. With DidYouFindMySticker I want to raise awareness of that circumstance and want to inspire other artists to add another level to their art as well – a personal level.

You change stickers?


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