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I’m Latvian.

In what year did you start?

I have been in graffiti, street art and art it self as long as I can remember, but In those teenage years I spent more time partying around, that was my first choice than. But then time came to the end and it was time to get my joint together and to do things more seriously and that was almost end of 2017.

How you define your work?

In my work I try to show balance, flow etc. Because it’s already all around us and I think it’s very important to see these things and to know how to keep your balance and how to manage your flow and not get lost while cruising through it! So I make all of my stickers a bit different from one of another so that there is balance and flow. But I’m really inspired from this culture itself, starting with Real Hip- Hop and so on….

You change stickers?

If someone asks me to make a trade, I don’t have any problems with that so yes!

Where to follow you ?