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I live in Oakland California but I grew up in New Jersey in the USA

In what year did you start?

I started Dangercat / Destroy Art Campaign in late 2018. I was becoming very frustrated with not getting any of my canvas and collage artwork seen, so having recently moved to the bay area I started making flyers for local punk shows (a lot of times not even checking with the bands, just making the flyer on my own will, for free) and posting them all over town on telephone poles and records stores… So I realized I could go around and post anything outside! I was also inspired by the fantastic and abundant graffiti and street art that suddenly surrounded me in the Bay Area. And finally, back in the mid-90’s I was in a punk band called The Degenerics and we stickerbombed everything we could in New York, New Jersey and Philly! We practically would run up and slap stickers on a cops forehead if we saw the opportunity! LOL

How you define your work?

I come from the punk rock world where there’s usually some kind of existential message behind the music/art. I spent a long time coming up with the Dangercat character so that a simple icon could properly express rebellion, inspire change, promote empowerment, give voice to the voiceless and affect the viewers mood… good or bad, I don’t care, so long as it makes them think. I almost exclusively use stencils in the designs within the Dangercat universe. The stencil character images are usually complimented with propaganda-style inspired soci-political progressive slogans. I keep the designs simple yet bold with a limited color palette and turn up the volume loud on relevant things to say. I receive lots of feedback from around the world that my designs have inspired folks to feel more empowered from within, which is absolutely incredible to me and such a privilege to share that kinda experience with someone you never met.

You change stickers?

Ehh not really into trading stickers unless it’s live in-person IRL, its’ just too damn costly to ship through the US postal service.

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