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Hanseatic sympathetic northern German located in Berlin now

In what year did you start?

Moin guys, Everything starts between the late 90s and early 2000s at school, I drew grafitti-sketches and there I created my first complex logo, a C with a bull’s head. At this time I couldn’t find any cool t-shirt designs, so I just made my own t-shirts and sweaters for me and my friends. Influenced by board brands like Burton, Carhartt, Element or Reef and graffiti maganzies like Back Spin or Jucie. To my own stickers I came in 2017, for my master thesis I combined streetart with guerrilla marketing and designed 85 induvduelle stickers and slaped those in the streets of Berlin, my route was the from of my logo. This was my first Stickertrip Berlin #1 (last trip was in Rostock #5). On Instagram I have the opportunity to share my art/ photos and I get a lot of support, lots of positive feedback and I like the Arigato & Mahalo-mentality. There I found a super sympathetic sticker-streetart-community which is stickeraddicted like me and now I STICK to thEM

How you define your work?

Under my artist name Fritz Craut (given by Hippies on Hawaii) I do digital art and stuff like design of different Stickers and Sticker-Sets, my homage collages are dedicated to stickerart/ists, at my Stickertrips I slap my logo on city’s, in my Complex Collaboration Collection I try to make realistic morphs out of your logo, character or design and for my art label complex I create stickers, paste ups and prints. Influenced by a mix out of hanseatic, northern, realism, comicart, b/w tattooart, sticker streetart culture and all the other stuff I like. complex if you want to define, means as much as: Don’t be so serious. Don’t care what others say. Do what you want. Have fun. Love your complex! Accept them as they are. Let them be the way they are. Because everyone has their own. Fuck yeah, I love my complex!

You change stickers?

Actually yes, but only with paste ups at the moment. I’m running out of sticker. Only personal consumption left. I will make new designs and stickers.

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