LARFN “slapsnpastesdn”

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LARFN "slapsnpastesdn"


We are from the most beautiful country in the World.. New Zealand! .. based in the city of Dunedin .. population 130,000.
We are a father son duo of stickermakers/traders. Collectively we go by the name #LaRFN on the streets which is a combination of our real names….we also use @slapsnpastesdn online.

In what year did you start?

We are pretty new to producing our own art pieces. We have been following all forms of streetart for a number of years and were lucky enough to be asked by another Dunedin local (pasteupanonymous) to help with some pasteups.. from there we started slapping stickers and the rest is history as they say!

How you define your work?

Our work is mainly Collage styled, we love mixing vintage type heads to alternative bodies and adding some inspiration as it flows, also enjoy freestyle handwriting and generally having fun with what we do! No two pieces are ever the same and our packs are always a good mix. We follow many many people and love enjoying different styles.

You change stickers?

Yes we trade lots of packs.. try to get 2 or 3 out around the world every week.. we have seen things popping up all over Europe, South America and get a great sense of pride seeing it shared. We in turn love slapping and pasting for our worldwide family here in NZ!

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