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Finnish – Finland is a small country with wealth in sticker art, creative individuals (well known artists as well, and I mean big names, working under another name) contributing to the street culture and very friendly people who are more than happy to help a tourist out if they are lost. Most people in the capital area speak English and you don’t need to know phrases like “Anteeksi, ettekö tiedä kuka olen?” to get directions from the locals.

In what year did you start?

I have only started my career recently as a street artist or a “vandalist at a mature age” like I like to call myself. I displayed my first sticker at the streets of Helsinki on the 14th of August in 2018. I met a fellow artist from Netherland – he guided and mentored me to my path into sticker art – until then I had only documented art that I found during my walks around my beautiful hometown. How have things changed –I still document great pieces of art I find around the city, but have added my own creations to the mix as well.

How you define your work?

I get bored quite easily, so have decided to create what ever comes into mind – I have tried several different characters and will keep experimenting. My art is more about creating something new, something that makes me smile, rather than re-creating a specific image over and over again. I think that this way I will make art that people can discover, something that is new every time. I draw and paint all of my stickers by hand – each one of them is a unique piece. I also enjoy adding funny anecdotes, lines or jokes into them. My favorite topics at the momnet are skulls, beautiful women, ugly rabbits and aliens – to mention a few.

You change stickers?

Sure – I have exchanged pieces with some other artists and am open for this. I love receiving mail and have made so many new friends through this all around the world. You can also find my work for sale in some of the boutique stores in Helsinki.

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