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Canadian (Danish/Irish decent)

In what year did you start?

Art for me as a whole started out in 2010, when I started doing tattoos. As the years went on I began hand painting vehicles for demolition derbies , through the derbies I won some awards and moved forward to painting canvases , people’s homes, etc. When I began dating a well-known artist/graffiti artist I then began sketching in art books more and began my journey making stickers, trading stickers, making customs pieces, painting and having my works on display both locally and worldwide.

How you define your work?

I am an Artist, in every sense of the word.
Working in mixed media such as but not limited by any means to:

-aerosol (spray paint)
-oil/ water based paints
-permanent marker
-paint marker
-graffiti mops

You change stickers?

Yes I do trade stickers with other artists through my Instagram account.
I’ve been trading for the past year now and have loved the amount of talented artists I’ve met through trading my stickers with them.
I find that trading my artwork with others both helps me progress and evolve my work and help others to do the same.

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