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Italian from Naples.

In what year did you start?

2020 just 2 weeks before the pandemy

How you define your work?

My work started many years ago but only in 2020 I started with street art with stikers and posters. My messages are positive of love and that you can love any person, man, woman, what strikes is freedom and heartfelt. Every now and then I put words
“Always love each other, love whoever you want”. My recognition is a heart on the head of my posters, I have another project on violence and I only represent women with a heart head in various positions saying “all you need is self love”.
Finally there is a side of my work a bit abstract with white elements and only one of a different color in solito red like the heart, which indicates diversity and also the fight between heart and celebration. My posters are hand painted.

You change stickers?

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