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In what year did you start?


How you define your work?

Our work as a graphic collective focuses on the creation and consolidation of drawings and ideas based on empiricism from screen printing and social sciences, and then be printed through screen printing and ways of knowing the world through the images and extract from the illustrations the most fascinating. The way in which the techniques are reflected in the workshop and the appropriation of the message by the reader as well as the idea that we are trying to show about a specific and forceful theme; How collective, acid ink you want manifest from screen printing art, social discontent based on critical analysis of the situations that concern us as Colombian citizens, recognize through the humanities and screen printing these failures and manifest them to the community through sticker art, graphic encounters and the sharing of knowledges. The collective’s work focuses on the battle against the system, the proliferation of coercion as a mechanism that destroys and builds new processes meaningful in the name of the construction of free, critical and capable subjects self manage their lives

You change stickers?

Yes Since as organizers of @pega_duro_bta we see the opportunity that more people can change their stickers in our lightning events of graphic art exchange in the different towns of Bogotá Colombia

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