Meet all sticker artists

Seekem its a compilation of sticker artist from all over the world who want to participate, where they will share and learn historys behind the glue and paper so you can learn more about them.


8732K Nationality Tokyo Japan In what year did you start? 2000 How you define your work? My character's name is 鼻水親父/hanamizuo8g(hanamizuoyaji) The meaning of the name is a runny nose monster. You change stickers? Not Where to follow you ?


33 DOMINO Nationality Czech Republic In what year did you start? I do not even know how it really started. I know I'm collecting stickers, graffiti, and the like that I cut with magazines and stuck them to the closet. Later, I met several graffiti people who tried it, but it was still not true. [...]


10 TACLE Nationality Hamburg / Germany In what year did you start? I guess 2015 began the Rise of the #10Tacle How you define your work? I would say, I´m doing cartoon Stuff. My Style is always clean, with straight outlines. Always Spraycan or Markers..Never Paintbrushes. (I hate them, and they hate me) Often my [...]