Stickem 2016


Stickem is an e-zine born to advertise the work of artist related to the sticker art. There is a little particularity in the way the next interviewed is chosen. During 2016 we move to europe descovering some unique histories and artists.

"Check out 2016 artists"

13. Hatch Kingdom

“The Hatch Sticker Museum is a nonstop growing installation of Sticker Art for all those who are interested or curious or addicted as I am to Stickers…”

trollux2luxe featured


“Trollux2luxe takes you to the iconoclastic street art side. Mixing youth world (or even « dumb humor ») with a morbid / trash dimension”

portada stickem hjarntvatt street art


“Young artist (16) that make paintings, photography, video, drawing,… in the streets of my city (Mons, Belgium)

zachaire bodson stickem


“Zacharie Bodson is a young man of 17 years in high school who has a passion to create and share. I love art in general and especially the streetart...”

Saip somewhere in Belgium Saip amsterdam stickem sticker magazine septiembre september


“I started designing stickers for almost a year now. It all started when I met some artists in a big town in the western part of The Netherlands....”

REHF interview by stickem


“Well shorty ecoutez is an alias for my artist name Rehf, it also means that some times (short) you need to listen (ecoute) to the street....”

chiek interview sticker art stickem


I was always doing graffiti but a character is more recognizable so I decided it was time to make a change to streetart/stickering...”


“My name is Dutch GewoonNiX or NiX and it means nothing. What i do is nothing if somebody see the stickers or the artwork then…”

mushroom 2016 bheo stickem


“I have been doing street art since about five years now, back in time I had a different name and that went kind of wrong.…”

jimmy_2016 stickem sticker culture art magazine


Starting after seeing Banksy movie (exit giftshop) 2011. Slapping has become my way of living .I try every day to stick a bit. I am now 4 years slapping …”

bunny_2016 stickem sticker culture art magazine


“I am an Amsterdam based artist, drawing cartoons with pen and ink. One day I came up with the idea of making stickers …”

spam_2016 stickem sticker culture art magazine


“It started with a student job in a print shop with the possibility to print stickers for free…..”

flatt_2016 stickem sticker culture art magazine


“A boy perfectly normal, who studies in Barcelona and dedicates part of his free time placing stickers and making projects related.…”