13.Hatch Museum

01. How would you define Hatch?

The Hatch Sticker Museum is a nonstop growing installation of Sticker Art for all those who are interested or curious or addicted as I am to Stickers. The most important parts of Sticker Culture like Skateboard, Street Wear, Street Art, Music and some more are represtented with about 5000 stickers and other sticky exhibits like Sticker Packs, Books and many more interesting things.

The whole collection is about 30000 Stickers right now. Even if the presented amount of stickers seems small compared to the whole collection amount, I’m still able to present minimum one sticker of every artist who ever donated stickers to the Museum. I follow the idea of presenting in a conservated framed way exactly the same activity who happened outside on the streets where everyone is able to place his stickers whereever he like and the people are free to decide which stickers they like or not.

I don’t want to present the visitors a selected show of my personal taste due to the fact that taste is a very individual thing ! For the also very relevant Political Sticker section I organize minimum one time a year a single exhibition in collaboration with Stickerkitty from the U.S.

02. How it begun? why did you start this initiative?

The most important arguments were because I simply saw every day how lots of fantastic stickers outside were victims of the weather or the city cleaning after a while and gone forever plus that this amazing worldwide artistic, creative and dedicated movement is really often underestimated by too many people and finally because I realize how big and diverse this culture since long long time is ! So it was really time for a kind of accessible sticker art archive.

03. How long have you been doing it?

The Sticker Museum started in April 2008. At this time I had enough of my kind of Sabbatical and realise how many books were published and how many temporary shows and events were organized . So I start to think about if there is then also a place on Earth with a permanently Exhibition. Was totally convinced that in the US where Skateboard and Graffiti are also huge, it has to be a place like this but… Nothing ! So I immediately start to check for Budget and a Location which was very hard due to the fact that no bank or location owner was able to understand what I wanted to do… More than fantastic to have so great parents who always believe in me.

04. What is Hatch Museum goal?

First of all the aim of the Sticker Museum is the best possible conservation of Sticker Culture as an giant archive, hopefully always as open space for visitors, and I also hope to be able to start soon with Sticker Art exhibitions all over the world, which is actually a big goal for me.

05. How many artist are displaying at the museum? Where are they from? Who is the most famous artist?

Difficult to say because of the huge collection I have now by receiving tons of fantastic donations, sometimes anonymous, from artists from all over the world but for sure that they are about 1000 Artists in the Exhibition but impossible to say right now how many artists are in the collection. Due to the development of the internet and social media the sticker culture is represented in nearly every corner of the planet so I also receive donations from nearly everywhere.

Because most of the famous urban artist has been in contact with stickers in a part of his career fortunately I also have stickers from a lot of famous artists. I don’t want to start with names just because the level of fame can be also seen very individual… But for sure from most of the names that everyone has in mind there is a sticker in the exhibition.

06. How do you storage the collection?

I storage the collection in differnet ways. It starts with boxes of themes like Street Art, Skateboard Hardware, Clothing, Shoes, Politic, Music, Magazines, Mixed and then I have envelopes or plastic bags to separate divisions in the main boxes like Skateshoes and Sneaker, Skate Clothing and Streetwear and then I have once again envelopes or plastic bags in smaller sizes to separate for example Brands or Artists from those I have a bigger sticker amount.

The sticker in the exhibition are all presented as collages in frames just in two different sizes to calm a bit the huge impression of all the multicoloured stickers in different sizes and forms. Beside the frames I have some show cases for the packs and other items and a stand for the oversized stickers fixed on cardboard.

07. How many people visit the museum a year?

Really difficult to say but about 1000 and 1500 depending of the weather, the shows I have or the time it’s closed because of busy trips or personal happenings…

08. Is the museum conditioned by this afluence of visitors?

Since the beginning of the Museum I also wanted to share the passion for stickers in a second way which was to start with an Online Sticker Shop for collectors and addicts in smaller towns without shops near them but also for people in bigger towns but without knowing where and when they can get stickers they like or sometimes they cannot choose which stickers they want, and I wanted to be able to offer also stickers that people possibly would never see because they did not know the brands, the artists or the way to get them.

I really wanted to liberate the user from all the obstacles that I had to handle with in my collector career : ) But of course I also was sure since the beginning that I had to look for a stable way to earn money to keep the museum alive which thanks to all the customers, brands and artists fortunately works ! Even if it works, it’s just a great way of surviving so… Adecuated Sponsors, more visitors and customers are always welcome !

09. Do you search the artist to display or they contact you?

I can proudly and endless happy say that since I run the Hatch Kingdom I receive a lot of donations from allover the world. With the social media networks of today is easy to be in contact with many people and most of them send automatically stickers because of the idea and the Hatch Kingdom philosophy of placing every personal donator in the exhibition.

But even if I’m in this luxury situation my sticker hunt has never stopped. I have a list of people, brands or special stickers that I still want to have and I still ask in every shop or fitting place I visit…

10. How is been the evolution of the museum?

The development of the Hatch Kingdom is simply magnificent ! Imagine that I started 2008 with a collection of about 6000 Stickers, in the first museum I presented 15 mid sized Frames and in the Online Sticker Shop I offered 300 different stickers. Now it’s 2016 and the collection is about 30000 stickers, in my third location I present 82 mid size and big frames full of stickers and the Online Sticker Shop offers 1600 stickers to buy : ) Beside this I had or collaborated on some awesome shows in big cities of the country and planet ! Important again… All this would not be possible without all the lovely support in any way from many people around me !

11. Does the museum only display sticker or it has an offer for collectors?

As I totally see Sticker as pieces of art I would say the Museum offers Art to see but also Art for collectors to buy, I’m only focussed on stickers, no prints, posters, canvas available.

12. Are you only a collector or do you create and stick your own designs?

I have some own designs but nothing ‘artistic’… I see myself as creative person but not so artistic talented. Thanks to some awesome guys around me I’m able to have some delicious promotion stickers for the Hatch Kingdom beside my owns. And of course I have always sticker with me…

13. Do you believe in a sitcker culture?

The Sticker Culture has grown so fast and so big in the last years. Sometimes it’s hard to believe for me as I has lived and collect at a time without Internet, hahaha. But of course it’s fantastic to see how many sticker events happened monthly all over the world, how many young people start with their artistic ideas on sticker paper or postal ones, how many places in the world are decorated with stickers, how much interaction between sticker artists happened in the social networks and how many books and zines have been published and were published.

But beside this there will always be a kind of subculture of people who don’t like to present themselves in the social networks or trade stickers with other artists or want to be represented in the sticker museum and just prefer to continue their incognito way of just sticking on the streets and share this only with a small amount of homies.

14. Is there any artist that you miss at the museum? why?

As I mentioned before I’m in a really luxury situation. So right now I don’t have an artist in mind who is able to escape : ) If I dn’t have stickers from an artist I personally like it’s just because I did not have the time to contact him or buy a sticker pack from him. What a lucky bastard I am…

15. Any good story that you want to tell us?

A lot of funny, fucking, exciting and interesting things happened in the eight years of the Hatch Kingdom.

From a dog shitting on the museum floor to the day when someone broke in the museum to my first ridiculous speech about sticker culture in front of a big amount of people to the situations when I met some idols personally to the moments when I saw a great sticker on the street and some days later the artist passed by with the sticker in his hands to donate it to my first appereance in a great magazine to my possibility to visit New York for a Sticker Show… Tons of stories to tell.

16. Wich sticker is the most special for you?

Also difficult to say because of the huge amount of fantastic stickers I have but of course the first one I saved instead of sticking it will be always a special one and some who are forbidden and immediately dissappeared because of copyright shit or others with an story of how I get them are especially loved or simply because they are from one of my brand or artist heroes.

17. What is the target of the museum?

Of course I’m always more than happy if sticker nerds like I am pass by. To see and hear their fascination for the museum is the best goose bumps maker and motivation at the same time !
But everyone who pass by and want to check what’s going on with stickers is welcome and everyone is treated in the same friendly way. Doesn’t matter how long and deep you are into Sticker History and Culture, at the Sticker Museum you get the best possible overview and maybe there the addiction starts

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

Big thanks and love of course to you for letting me be part of your great project. Because of being such a lucky guy with a long history it’s impossible to write down all the names of the people who deserve a Thank You… So here is a huge love high five and an appreciatively… Honoured to be in such a great contact with all of you !

And thanks to all gods or destiny that stickers were invented

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