01. How would you define Hjarntvatt?

Young artist (16) that make paintings, photography, video, drawing,… in the streets of my city (Mons, Belgium).

02. How did all begin? How long have you been with this?

I started to paste in the streets in January 2015.

03. Why do you attaching stickers?

To bring my stuff to people, everybody goes in the streets so it’s a great medium for self-promotion and autonomy, don’t need a gallery or something…

04. An interesting anecdote?

No that I remember.

05. How do you see the sticker culture? Is there really subculture?

I don’t think sticker’s culture is a separate whole art because it is already a part of street art that is for me an artistic movement as impressionism, street art is a revolution in art history, it’s a new conception of doing art, more freedom, no particular style, everything is in: painting, collage, sculpture, mosaic,… The conception of art in public spaces is really interesting; it gives art a social importance.

06. Do you considerer this movement like an art? What do you try to transmit with this?

I have answered this in the previous question.

07. Anything new in mind?

Sculpture maybe… or bigger poster like huge paintings! Huge murals, video, photography, …

08. Farthest place where do you have gone? Where would you like see your stickers?

In every big city (London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Stockholm,…)

09. Some advice for the people are beginning in this art?

Paste a lot, work a lot, try every technical’s and don’t forget to look back in art history (it’s a really nice inspiration source).

10. Someone who had been a reference for you?

Aryz, Broken Fingaz crew, Bault, Egon Schiele, german expressionism, comics,… Everything!

11. Whom would you offer next month?

I will call Trollux2luxe, it is a street artist from my city. He’s a really nice artist and I love his work !

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

In conclusion I would like to thank every one who is supporting me and I hope I will continue long.

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