04. Jimmy Granti

01. How would you define Jimmy Granti?

Jimmy was a Rotterdam boxing champ. He died 1983 age 35.His real name was Cor Eversteijn./p>

02. How did all begin? How long have you been with this?

Starting after seeing Banksy movie (exit giftshop) 2011. Slapping has become my way of living .

I try every day to stick a bit. I am now 4 years slapping and is extremely addictive. My wife started two years ago, she is very fanatic, we are both mid-forties. Never too old to slap 🙂 .

For years we make photo of streetart stickers. after seeing the Banksy movie, we had a boost to do it our selfs.

03. Why do you attacching stickers?

Its easy and I love it… We like to make combos, friends a round the world sent us a lot of slaps.

So we can make big combo,s, in our house we have 6 doors full whit slaps.

04. An interesting anecdote?

Police ask someone in the scene about my sticker. They tought it was a sign for a cannabis/narco shop.

05. How do you see the sticker culture? Is there really subculture?

Its real a subculture… a great world I have a lot of friend.

When we travel we always try to make contact whit local slappers.

06. Do you considerer this movement like an art? What do you try to transmit with this?

No art… just fun.

07. Anything new in mind?

Not a the moment .. i want to make JIMMY big and slap him everywhere

08. Farthest place where do you have gone? Where would you like see your stickers?

Thailand and USA. Las Vegas Strip is a great place for slaps

09. Some advice for the people are beginning in this art?

Do want you want… Make fun.

10. Someone who had been a reference for you?

Bunny Brigade. Great girl. She slapping a lot in Amsterdam, for 10 years.

She is really a goodfriend.

11. Whom would you offer next month?

Bheo Mushroom. A great artist and a very nice style.

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

Slap on : )

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