Stickem 2017


Stickem is an e-zine born to advertise the work of artist related to the sticker art. There is a little particularity in the way the next interviewed is chosen. During 2017 we move for europe and USA descovering some unique histories and artists.

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13. S.S.I.S.C

As we walk through the city with our eyes open, it’s nearly impossible to notice the presence of stickers in the public space. Walls, signs, and posts, filled with adds, ideas, or images.
Sticker art is indeed an independent culture, even if it has it’s roots on the cultures of graffiti (growing parallel to it in the 70s), punk and skate (both movements used stickers as a means of propagation and aesthetic influence). In the political universe it’s also common to find stickers: many times they are complete slap-sized manifestoes.

Nvrasir interview stickem stickercultureproject dezember

12. Nvrasir

They go everywhere I go! I don’t think there’s anywhere I’ve been in the last five years that hasn’t had stickers put up. The furthest is Australia. I’d love get one in an important time capsule just to mess with future historians.

Werck1 stickem interview 2017 november


” I used to enjoy tagging and bombing back in the day, but I stopped doing it for a long time. When I moved to Birmingham I saw all the graffiti and street art about and it made me want to give it a go again. Been doing it properly for about two years now, and can’t see me stopping any time soon…”

10_fokawolf_featured fokawolf stickem


“I would define Foka Wolf as an alternative information stream. I chose the name because it is offensive on 2 levels –
a. The inclusion of the word “fxxk”
b. It is the name of a nazi war plane.



“All my stickers are hand-drawn and they can be done at home. It’s a way of getting my art onto the streets in an easy way. 2 seconds and they’re up. 

07.Voxx romana

“Voxx Romana is a Latin phrase that literally means the voice of Rome. To me it means, Artists are the voice of our society and our society 

06_arrex_featured stickem rx skulls arrex skulls interview

06.Arrex Skulls

Arrex aka Rx Skulls is the anonymous pseudonym that I go by as a street artist. The acronym “Rx” as related to the shorthand sign for Pharmacy.

05.Glass Cuisine

I have always been into stickers and used to collect skateboard, music and beer stickers when I was younger. Started exploring street art and the sticker scene more in 2009/2010 and Glass Cuisine came about full time around 2011

04_sleep_featured stickem magazine interview sticker


Sleep has a specific meaning to me, and if I meet someone in person I’m usually willing to share my view.  But I also like to keep it open for interpretation..…”

03.Eye Nantes

“It’s something bigger than just put stickers in the street, Eye includes a lot of people across the world bringing or reveiving Eye stickers and pasting them up around, sharing it.…”



Runs, it’s my nickname since a long time. I kept this name. I use to another name : Addict. I’m illustrator, signpainter, I work in studio and in the street…”

crazytrip-rider-featured-2 stickem

01.Crazytrip Rider

“Crazytrip Rider is a brand of skateboard, snowboard and other sports. Decomposed, we’ll find CRAZY ABOUT TRIPS and rider….”