13.Sticker Skate International Solidary Combo

Sticker Skate International Solidary Combo

As we walk through the city with our eyes open, it’s nearly impossible to notice the presence of stickers in the public space. Walls, signs, and posts, filled with adds, ideas, or images.

Sticker art is indeed an independent culture, even if it has it’s roots on the cultures of graffiti (growing parallel to it in the 70s), punk and skate (both movements used stickers as a means of propagation and aesthetic influence). In the political universe it’s also common to find stickers: many times they are complete slap-sized manifestoes.

But even so, this culture stands out on it’s own through the ideas and mechanisms that it employs. The social stuctures, means, and uses are well known by those who are part of it. The sticker trades (where different artists trade paks so their reach can extend to other places), the paste-ups (which many artists use as a continuation of their pratices), the rare indie publications that compile images of combos (or the even rarer ones that try to get to know the individuals behind these, like Stickem!), or the sticker exhibitions with open calls, that manage to gather piees from as many places as possible.

This is so important for us, that Becuh, a space that throughout 2017 has shown some of the best artists from Porto’s Street Art and beyond, felt the need of opening its doors to the general public, as a way of letting people know about all of this.

In Porto, stickers have some impact, which lately has been growing, both in terms of amount of creators, and quality of stickers. Every month, we see new authors appearing in the scene: coming from hardcore graffiti, and using stickers as continuation of that practice and culture; from illustration and design, creating pieces that populate the city with colorful bits of imagination; from street art, using this technique as a means to either continue their ideas, or as a way of advertisement (or both); or even people coming from the socio-political world, interested in propagating specific ideas and messages.

For the exhibition at Becuh we created an open call, to which more than 160 artists from 20 countries responded. As the packs arrived, we distributed them through 3 elements. The skateboards, which had themes to them (countries, black & white, or letterings, for example), were auctioned on-line, and were chosen for its connection with early sticker culture; packs, from specific artists or countries, which one could get through a blind bidding system; and finally, a “slot machine”, where, for just one euro, you could get three random stickers.
We also felt the need of using this exhibition and auction as a means of helping other people, and as such, all of the profits of the exhibition will be converted to items, and given to charity (with a focus on those working with children and homeless people in the Porto area). After all, these stickers are not our own, they belong to the city, the streets that are their place. And that’s why this exhibition makes sense like this: starting from a culutre that welcomes anyone with open arms, and extending that embrace to those who need it the most.

Text by:
João Kendall/Porto Walls Forever
November 2017

The exhibition Sticker Skate International Solidary Combo was an event which took part in Porto (Portugal) to promote the sticker culture. The idea of organizing this event came up from:

  • Stickem – Sticker Culture Porject
  • BECUH – Badass Experiences by Creatives from Urban Habitat
  • Porto Walls Forever

The exhibition took place in BECUH space (a small corner where, during this last year, has held different exhibitions to promote Portuguese artist related with urban art) from the 1st to the 10th of December. Over 200 people attended the opening. Sticker Skate International Solidary Comb was divided into different sections:

    • 1 – In the entrance wall a paste up was developed with different artist who decided to collaborate by sending a big format piece.

    • 2 – Then, envelopes with all the material, funny notes or any other strange material received were placed.

    • 3 – With all the extra material, a “vending sticker machine”, people could get 3 stickers for 1€.

  • 4 – In the inner space, 13 decks from 162 artist from 19 countries organized by nationality and style completed the exhibition. All decks were put out to tender.

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Also, some magazines were exhibited, there was an audition of different packs with stickers and different videos about this urban art and paste up were played.

There were different activities:

1. Guided tour with João Kendall (Porto Walls Forever)
2. Worshop with 8 participants with Pei Hernandez (Stickem) and João Kendall (Porto Walls Forever) @ozi_sollo / @senhor_batato / @carlotacobas / @dorrado / @kathe_gf / @colectivommk / @being.micaela / @carolinalopesrodrigues

The total amount collected was 1.171,07€ (1.195.07€ – 24€ for shipping packs and skate), which will be donated in the form of goods and food to the following associations:

  • O Lar de meninas de Nossa Senhora do Livramento
  • Associação o meu lugar no mundo
  • Bebes de São João
  • Amigos da Rua
  • Rondas de Sem Abrigo de Cristo Rei

– Decks Auction _ 544€
Obey __________ 91€
Invader ________ 30€
Porto __________ 65€
Portugal ________ 38€
España_________ 34€
Italia____________ 30€
Alemania________ 29€
U.S.A y Canada___ 30€
Mexico y Brasil___ 25€
Varios países _____25€
Blanco y negro____ 55€
Letras___________ 26€
Muñecos________ 48€
Holograficos______ 18€

– Packs Auction _ 444,2€
1 _ Mumble jinx _________________ 10€
2 _ Decoma ____________________ 10€
3 _ Elna ________________________10€
4 _ My name is not Sem ___________15€
5 _ Portugal ___________________ 10€
6 _ Späm ______________________ 4€
7 _ Danke _____________________ 13€
8 _ Owly _______________________ 6€
9 _ Rope ______________________ 10€
10 _ Fragil _____________________ 10€
11 _ 600ml _____________________ 5€
12 _ Pilzator ____________________ 7€
13 _ España ___________________ 21€
14 _ Godmees _________________ 35€
15 _ Rui Cough _________________ 7€
16 _ Planet selfie _______________ 20€
17 _ Hallo Karlo _______________ 10,70€
18 _ Cosmic roquet man _________ 10€
19 _ Take the topo ______________ 20€
20 _ Italia _____________________ 6€
21 _ Pro héroes ________________ 6€
22 _ Psyco ____________________ 4€
23 _ Alemania _________________ 6€
24 _ Obey ____________________ 28€
25 _ Peipegta _________________ 40€
26 _ Hazul ___________________ 10€
27 _ Blancos _________________ 5,50€
28 _ Cest719 __________________ 8€
29 _ Porto ____________________ 35€
30 _ Imitación Obey _____________ 7€
31 _ Invader __________________ 20€
32 _ Yatusabes _________________ 5€
34 _ Varios Sticker Solidary Combo _ 20€
33 _ Varios Evento mulafest _______ 10€

Vending sticker machine: 206,87 €

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