05_Glass Cuisine

01. How would you define Glass?

An Adhesive Fiend

02. How did all begin? How long have you been with this?

I have always been into stickers and used to collect skateboard, music and beer stickers when I was younger. Started exploring street art and the sticker scene more in 2009/2010 and Glass Cuisine came about full time around 2011.

03. Why do you attaching stickers?

I’m addictedm.

04. An interesting anecdote?

Oh man to many to mention just one!! I have been so blessed by this scene and the amazing people I have met and our involved in it!! Much love to all my homies near and far!

05. How do you see the sticker culture? Is there really subculture?

Definitely a sub culture!!! Its only growing month by month ……. Who doesn’t love stickers?

06. Do you considerer this movement like an art? What do you try to transmit with this?

It’s a form of expression and free speech and sometimes its art and sometimes its stupid crap I just make!

07. Anything new in mind?

Trying to focus more on painting or working on pieces but don’t worry ill always be cranking out and putting up stickers!

08. Farthest place where do you have gone? Where would you like see your stickers?

I have personally taken my stickers as far as Hawaii. I have been up on every continent except for Antarctica, I want to see one of my stickers up there!

09. Some advice for the people are beginning in this art?

Just do you!

10. Someone who had been a reference for you?

11. Whom would you offer next month?

Rx Skulls ……. I have nothing but love for this dude and he has supported me since day one!!! His passion, skill & dedication are part of what continues to drive this scene, myself and especially sticker culture!

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

Love Each Other – PEACE

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