Stickem 2018


Stickem is an e-zine born to advertise the work of artist related to the sticker art. There is a little particularity in the way the next interviewed is chosen. During 2018 we move for germany and france discovering these amazing sticker artists.

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pencake interview seekem stickem sticker culture project

08. Pencake

Pencake combines my favorite activities: drawing and cooking.

stickem interview july causeisaidso

07. Cause I Said So

My idea for c.i.s.s. came to my mind in autumn 2016.

tumavirus stickem interview slap sticker

06 . Tuma Virus

Started 2 years ago, made some tiles and paste ups. Later I decided to create my own handmade

jonteotte stickem interview sticker slap streetart

05. Jonteotte

I used to draw alot when I was younger but for the last years I had kind of forgotten about it. Its very easy not to draw.


Freedom of stickers! Love / Regelverk

joeyyo stickem march marzo interview

03. Joey

I started getting into graffiti and street art at the beginning of the early 2000s, but wasn’t really active. I was really into handmade stickers around the year 2007/2008 and started experimenting with different designs and materials.

02. Joiny Joi

Joiny is a little Girly with a Joint in the Hands, she talk only in differnt german slang, she like german slang

Smile Stickem Interview 2018

01. Smile

It´s pretty simple. I just want to make people smile and enjoy the little things while walking through the streets.