01. How would you define DHL _ PROJECT?

The Project is a place to give artist from germany and all over the world the chance to showcase there work on DHL labels. Specialy for people / artist who are not from germany, cause they have not the access to dhl labels, like we in germany have.

02. How long have you been doing it?

I’m doing it now for 10 months now. I personatly been into stickers a year or two before i started the Project. The first post i did on the IG-Page was on august 24, so the one year anniversity is like two months away.

03. How and why start this project? Why stickers of DHL or Brief International?

I was really into stickers and did a lot of trading for 1-2 years. Then I found out about projects like @label228project or@label_228 and thinks like this were they doing it on USPS labels, so i though why not do it on DHL labels. I had so many of them in my room, I think about 2000 – 2500 and no really us for them. So I made a little concept how i want to do it and then i started and contacted the first people if there are interessted and now it became litarly reality with printing the first issue and I’m going to reprint it again. Crazy journey

04. How do you organizate/clasificate all stickers and the project?

Sometimes i write people who i find on instagram a DM if there are interessted and want to join the Project. Sometimes people hit me up that there are interessted to join the Project , but they have no laebls. In both cases i send out 20 labels (10x national and 10x international) and asked for two, one international and one national, with work on them to send back.
To keep an overview I first wrote like everything down on paper. With which i traded, when i sended the slaps out, when they arrived and thinks like that. But now I’m doing it with excel, that is a lot easier.

05. How is been the evolution?

It was a slove start. But somehow it got bigger and bigger and more and more people want to be a part of the Project and the hole movement. So right now I´m close to 1100 Follower and try to hit 1500 follower til the date of the first anniversity.

06. Tell us de process to get ona sticker?

Like I alreasy said. Sometimes I hit people up if they want to be a part, or some people write me a massage, that they want to be a part of the project. When they already have some dhl labels, they send me them and when they don’t have them I usally send them 20 slaps (2 versions, 10 each) and asked for one version each back.

07. How many different artist have you been until today in the Project?

Over 90 artist are featured in issue one of the magazine. On the IG page are a little bbit more, cause i already put up some people who are featured in the seconed issue, who will be released later this year.

08. How many nacionalities?– which?

Over 15 nationallities right now. Many people from Germany and the USA. After that many people from UK and France and other country from europe like danemark, sweden, czech republique, romania, hungary, switzerland and austria. From asia there are two artist from singapore, one from australia, two from brazil, one from mexico and two from canada.

09. Some artist that you like to do but at the moment its imposible? Which artist? And why you can get this?

There are so many. I hit many people up on Instagram but they never responded. There are also some big names who are in the streetart game whoi would love to do a sticker, but I think that never will happen. People like Banksy, Space Invader, Shepard Fairey. I would also love to get the big graffiti writers from my hometown Hamburg (ZZTOP, Frost, Moses, TESE, HIPER) on the project. And also Berlin Kidz and 1UP.

10. Which sticker is the most special for you?

I think every sticker is special in it´s own way, cause i have a story behind every sticker. With some people it was a lot of talking to get them on the Project, or to get the stickers back. With some other it was nice to see how interessted they were to get on the project.

11. Some problem when carring out the project?

I had a little struggle with keeping and good overview about the project. Who I sended packs to and thinks like that. But it was all!!

12. Any interesting anecdote that happened to you?

Not really, but after I printed the magazine I had some kind of a nightmare that the hole think won’t look good and everythink would be fucked up. hhahaha

13. You dedícate yourself to make the Project but also, you have your own designs?

Yeah like I already said been in the sticker game for 1-2 years before starting the project. My personal work goes under the name of P!TC. I mostly did stencil work on DHL Labels and also printed some vinyl stickers were I ripped some brand designs and but my name on them.

14. Something new in mind?

For the Project – yes and for my personal stuff too. For the Project have some ideas how I want to do the hole layout and design and i want to tell more about the people who are featured. Not just there names and were there from.

15. How do you see the sticker culture? Is there really subculture?

I think it’s doing pretty good and the best think is that it is a world wide think. You can get in touch with so many people from all over the world, who are into the same think.

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

Thanks to everyone who is a part of this and made this whole project possible. I hope everone is happy with the magazine and there spot in it. I did my best with putting everyone it.
Stay tuned for issue 2 coming later this year and hit me up when you want to get featured or want to send stuff in.

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