14. HOJE

01. How would you define HOJE?

The HOJE is the project of my life. It is defined by sharing a phrase of my day daily and spreading these phrases through the streets of Porto.

02. How and why did this project come about?

Since 2010 I have an agenda with me where I write entries, daily type, about things that happened that day, to later reminisce. In 2017 they offered me the last agenda I had in my hands, which did not correspond to the size of all the others. I left it in a corner of the shelf and began on January 23rd to put a phrase on the wall of my room, but instead of saying the day of the month, it would count as increasing until the last day of the year. At the time, I decided to call it 365. I moved to another town to the middle of the year and I was without a wall, I wrote in notebooks and loose papers, without ever giving up.

I moved to Porto in October of the same year and continued on the new wall of my new room. Through a friend of mine, I came to know and be somewhat influenced by the artist maismenos, whose ideals went according to my way of seeing society. All this influence came from a TEDx of Luanda, where the own, explains all the evolution of his project. At the end of the video, I thought “what if my wall was the streets?”, but in addition to gaining an idea, I was left with a lot of doubts. I talked to the most varied people, I asked about ink, glue, spray, stencil, etc.

03. Why HOJE and not Yesterday or Tomorrow?

Somewhere in November last year, on a visit to the studio of the maismenos a dialogue about what I intended with this project, came names related to the time, until the word HOJE appeared and it all made sense, because HOJE is endless and offers lots of response options.

04. What are you looking for Hoje É/ Hoje Sou/ Hoje Quero? Is there any way to try to sort the scene?

The HOJE project started on December 29th when I felt the need to question people about what was Today for them, but the answers were always the same and I decided to question it another way. That’s when the first Hojes appeared on the street. As I liked the experience and the answers, I decided to keep the HOJE for the month of January and every month to change the verb, which always applies in the present. Hoje Quero in February, Hoje Sou in March, which is the month I was born, Hoje Posso, because it is the month of the revolution of April 25, Hoje Faço in May and Hoje Sonho in June because it is the month of the children.

05. How long have you been with this project?

The first time I questioned HOJE was last year, when I met maismenos. The monthly HOJE took the streets on December 29 and my daily HOJE began on January 1st.

06. How did the project evolve?

From day 1 the project was evolving in the streets of Porto, I was having more ideas and realizing the natural things of the streetart, for which I was not prepared. I got good ideas from the mistakes and put together other types of areas, like the stickers and the stencil.

07. How many HOJE are there on the streets? Only in the city of Porto or in other cities?

I can not tell how many HOJEs are in the streets because I put a lot of monthly HOJEs on the street and I do not keep a count of them. Outside the city of Porto, I have number 52 in Coimbra, many monthly I left in Figueira da Foz and some others in my native land.

08. What is the idea of the project in relation to the previous question, that is to say, are there expectations of evolving with this and taking it to other cities or countries?

My idea of spreading them out of Porto is just the places I go, I’ve been through other cities where I even tried to paste them, but neither the glue, nor the surface helped me throught it. I also think, in case of leaving the country to change the language of the paper.

09. What is the answer you can get? Do people interact in an easy way in the project?

I have the most varied answers, both from friends and strangers and so. The project by himself is easy to interact and taking into account the monthly verb is curious that I feel that in the month of the worker (May) people do not know what to do. I think Hoje Faço was not at all the most intuitive verb, and I thought otherwise.

10. Why this A4 format?

Initially, Today was going to be a stencil, but through the first questionnaire I made on the streets, I realized that this would be an easier and more intuitive interaction for people on the street and that, in fact, there is no empty A4 on the street anymore, only mine, the size gave it a unique character.

11. Do you have any way to organize the answers? Are you organizing this in any way?

No, at the beginning I tried to publish the photos according to the month, but as in May, I still find papers from January and February, it did not make sense to organize them. The other papers that have numbers written instead of the O, are the ones relative to my daily HOJE, in which its supposed to count as increasing until the last day of the year.

12. What is your favorite phrase / answer? Because?

I had 3 very special Hojes and I lost them all on the same day. The first response I got, even last year, was to Teresa, where I make a memorial for her in the same place. Near that one, was a Hoje that was totally written and even someone used lipstick to write on it. And one that was magical because it was the first one I pasted in Aliados and after a while, I knew everyone who wrote in that paper.

13. Any problems at the time of the project?

The only problem I can possibly have is with the police, because pasting papers on the street is not legal yet.

14. Any funny anedote?

At the outset, when I first met street art people, they told me they thought HOJE was advertising.

15. Anything new in mind?

The monthly question, which I feel that it does not have as much adherence as I thought so.

16. How do you see the culture of this street art - paste up / sticker format? Do you think there is a subculture?

If I were to think so, I would also say that my project would also be a subculture because it is so different from all the topics covered in the street, but for me the streetart is that, it is to pass to the street what I feel and leave my mark, because deep down, art, whatever it is, is a buffer of emotions.

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

If you see one on the street a paper saying HOJE, leave your message. HOJE is a project of me for people and I want your participation.

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