07. Cause I Said So

01. How would you define Cause I Said So?

ICause I said so is a statement. It means at first self-confidence. Everything I do, esp art, I do it with passion and self-confidence, cause I think it’s important that you are absolutely sure about what you do. C.i.s.s. reflects my connection to art itself. Secondly it’s an answer to people who don’t understand my art or think it has a special meaning. Sometimes there is no explanation, it’s just art and what’s on my mind.

02. How did all begin? How long have you been with this?

My idea for c.i.s.s. came to my mind in autumn 2016. I couldn’t sleep and I had this idea to sign in at social media and to post my art for the first time. Many people, but mostly friends, gave me compliments and said I should do something with my talent. I never did, so I asked myself ‘Why the hell not?’ At the age of 6 I began to draw and to try different styles of painting.

03. Why do you attaching stickers?

The love for stickers also started in 2016. Maybe earlier, cause I started collecting stickers many years ago. But I started to pay attention to them intensively in 2016 at the first Berlin sticker con. I was so fascinated and I got to know an artist who taught me how to make them..

04. An interesting anecdote?

The anecdote I want to talk about is how I chose my artist name. I really love ice cream and Nintendo since I was a kid. So in 2016 I began to sketch Gameboys in different styles and then ice pops. A friend asked me ‘Why do you sketch these things?’ and I said ’cause I love both of them’, so he told me I should combine them then into a Gameboy popsicle. Brilliant! Another friend asked me ‘Why do you sketch an ice cream Gameboy and post them on instagram?’
‘Cause I want it and I can do it’. I decided to name myself Cause i said so. No questions about my art. It is just my art!

05. How do you see the sticker culture? Is there really subculture?

When I walk down the streets of Berlin, esp my neighbourhood, I recognized that there are much more stickers than murals or graffiti already. So in my opinion stickers are at least as important as graffiti to express your point of view or to let people know about your art. Another interesting fact is that stickers became a modern media for advertising. Almost every important brand e.g. sneaker or sports brands use stickers and even sticker artist to let them stick stickers all over.

06. Do you considerer this movement like an art? What do you try to transmit with this?

Yes, of course I see stickers, every kind of them, as art. When you are walking down the streets and you see a little sticker on a random wall you start paying attention to it and ask youself about the meaning. That’s what I want the people to react regarding my stickers. I love to make people smile or even make them wondering about the meaning of my ice pop Gameboys.

07. Anything new in mind?

I started to think about making sweet and candy stickers with hidden messages. I just love hidden messages or twilight kinda statements. Also I started sketching some hebrew stickers (a fish and the bubbles in the background are two hebrew letters mean fish in hebrew).

08. Farthest place where do you have gone? Where would you like see your stickers?

I went to Miami last December and I put some of my stickers but also from other artists as well. America has a relatively big stickers scene and I recognized many interesting slaps all over Miami. One of my hobbies is travelling. So everytime I travel to a foreign country I take some stickers. Just to catch the people’s attention and make them smile worldwide.

09. Some advice for the people are beginning in this art?

The only thing i gotta say is, if people ask you about your art and behave sceptical towards your stuff, just answer: ‘Cause I said so!’ Be yourself and don’t try to copy other artist’s.

10. Someone who had been a reference for you?

There are a few artists, who inspire me. One of them is my sister. But she is not on instagram. She likes to keep her art privately.

11. Whom would you offer next month?

Pencake Berlin. He is such a good technical artist and we have some things in common. Esp. the candy and sweets passion. We like to meet, talk about art and new projects and eat unhealthy stuff like pancakes. Plus I like his style.

stickem interview july causeisaidso

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

Thanks for asking me to make this interview and thanks for your interest regarding my art. It’s an honor! And I also like to thank you guys for your patience!
I send out much love and greetings to all these people who think I’m a guy 😉

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