Stickem 2019


Stickem is an e-zine born to advertise the work of artist related to the sticker art. There is a little particularity in the way the next interviewed is chosen. During 2019 we move for germany and france discovering these amazing sticker artists.

"Check out 2019 artists"

01. Rubinski Art

First I started with really tiny sticker silhouettes to open peoples minds for the small things in Life ..

06. Metraeda

The name ist a mixture of Tetraeder (a triangular pyramid) and geometry because I only use geometrical forms, mostly triangles, to build my artworks.

05. Creep Kollektiv

So many ideas, so little time. But we plan to make more 3D-Obects in the future.

04. Karl-Heinz Swaggert

Just do it! Done is always better than perfect. Respect other artists and never ever cover up their art


My stickers definetly traveled a lot more than me. Iam often surprised about the places I see them on photos, so I have nothing to complain.

02. Trieb Werke

Be unique and find your own style. Do it for fun!

01. Pqus art

Through the search for something new, the materials are very important for me. I want to react on the place where I work or the other artist who has been there also. I want to express myself in a childish charme.