01. What is STICKMA?

Stickma is a meeting for people around sticker culture with an exhibition and a street market
that got out of hand ☺.

02. Who are the thinking heads of all this and how did it start?

We are Rober Síndrome from Diógenes Stickers, Tim Decoma and Angee Siempreviva and the
idea came up one day during an exchange of stickers. Rober proposed to make a hangout and,
well, since we were going to do it, we decided also to do an exhibition to set the place. And so we
expanded the idea and ended up being a small festival of stickers.

03. Which artists participated from within the event?

Participate as such, only us, but we must make a special mention to Das, who helped us by
providing everything: good ideas, his skills assembling combos and transportation for assembly.

04. What was the public response to the event?

Well, the truth is that it was better than expected. On Instagram we grew fast and people were on fire, sharing and helping to spread the voice and, during the event, despite the setbacks they were
super comprehensive. They all lend a hand and create the atmosphere.

05. We assume that it has not been easy to create all this. What was the worst moment during
the process? And the best?

– For Síndrome de Diógenes. The worst moment was undoubtedly the last week when due to
misunderstandings we had to change the place of the event.

– For Siempreviva. I agree with Rober (from Síndrome de Diógenes) that the worst moment was
when we had to change location. The best, when it ended. We could breathe and think that
people had a great time, and that was the only thing that mattered to us.

– For Decoma: Like my colleagues, changing the location meant we had to work harder and against the clock. The best moment for me was on Saturday, with the whole room full, people on the street, and all stickers around.

06. Any funny anecdote?

Among all the stickers received, there was one that carried a dedication of love on the reverse,
from the artist to his girl. He wrote us asking to keep it.

07. How do you see the sticker culture? Do you think there is a subculture?

– For Síndrome de Diógenes. I see the world of sticker in continuous growth. There are more and
more people, more and more events and more and more specialized books on stickers. You
take a look through social media and every day you discover a few new artists that flip you out.

Regarding if there is a subculture I have had to look at the wikipedia to see exactly what subculture
meant, hahaha. And once the definition is read, I do not believe that the world of stickers is a
subculture, but one more modality within urban art.

– For Siempreviva. For me, stickers are another way of tagging so I consider them a discipline
within graffiti. In recent years, I think there is an increase in artists and people who find in the
stickers an alternative and versatile form of expression, which creates one more variety and that is
always good.

– For Decoma. I like this kind of art because it allows you to meet a lot of people. It’s cool to be able
to take your work in the format of a sticker all over the world.

08. Regarding the stickers, how did you organize them? What did you do?

Once received, they were counted, put in the database and photographed to post them on
Instagram. When the time for the event arrived, we spread all the envelopes to distribute the
contributions in combos for the expo and for the packs. Meters and meters of packs of stickers
and posters, it was amazing.

09. From what parts of the world did artists participate? Any artist or work to highlight?

Stickers arrived from several continents. We highlight, more than any artist, the variety of
techniques used to make the stickers, the XXL size of many of them, outstanding materials, brutal designs and handmade ones, which sometimes freak you out.

10. Will there be a new STICKMA? And if so, can you tell us anything about? Where will it be?

– For Síndrome de Diógenes. The truth is that we have not talked yet to each other about whether
we are going to organize a second edition or not. The work we had to do was very hard and
sometimes difficult, so when the event ended we needed to rest and disconnect a little. And the
truth is that we have not yet talked to each other about whether we are going to organize a second
edition. For now we leave you with the intrigue, hehehe.

– For Siempreviva. In principle not, but everything can be set.

– For Decoma: It would be good to organize a festival with artists from other disciplines, in the line
of urban art.

11. Where can STICKMA and your personal projects be followed?

If you want to see combos from Stickma, on Instagram we are more active (@stickmafestival), the
same name on Facebook.

To follow Tim, Rober or Angee you can also do it on Instagram, the accounts @ t.decoma, @sindrome_de_diogenes_stickers and @ siempreviva84, respectively.

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

That it was amazing to share a room with these people, thanks a million to G-rardo and Mamen,
Vero and family, Das, Seven, Pyramid6eyes, Bekrasy, Zzrock, Willow… For all your help. To all the
people in the market in general.

To Shogunxl for the terrific music session he performed … Anyway, a huge thanks to all
those who were involved. And of course, thanks to you, Pei, for the support since the beginning
and for everything you bring to this culture. You are a big.

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