Stickem 2020


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I have been drawing for many years and even loved colors as a child, but when I discovered graffiti a few years ago I really started to get into art.


Hazy Dayze started as my electronic music persona in my college years. I started off as a musician/producer but I decided to take a break from that.


My art under the alias WHIT THE MISFIT is carefree and playful.


Cosmos doodles is a feeling which comes from within and gets a form on paper.


I would define myself as a learning artist, as I am self taught and feel I grow with my skills each drawing.

07. Ohzlvart

ohzlvart comes from a simple code I came up with when I was 16.

06. Bentoghoul

My girlfriend took me on a little street art tour of our city (Manchester). Back then I had no idea what any of it was about or why people did it. I became a bit obsessed with trying to understand it, and through reading online and watching videos it started to sound really fun and appealing.

05. Feelings Boi

Feelings Boi is a reflection of both myself and my ongoing struggles with mental health. Where those two meet is never exactly the same though.

04. Zombie Art Squad

I have admired graffiti since childhood and started seriously painting public walls in 2001. I started uploading my art to flickr and in 2008,

03. The Forge Fury

Easy way to spread your art locally and all over the world. I have met some amazing people online and in person through stickers

02. Sketch Rat

I think it all started at 15 when my sister told me about stickers and how it was another form of graffiti. Since it is easier to put stickers up than throwies, I stuck with it.

01. Caotic

I started around 1996 by writing my name on the 228 blue tops of the mail and on the hello my name is labels and pasting every time the opportunity presented itself.