In this weird year of 2020, Stickem completes 5 years.
A year well less opportunities to go outside, less stickers to put up, less travels aboard to cover entire cities. But even so, Stickem keeps going on.
One of the more interesting questions that every month is thrown at the artists is “Do you think there is a sticker culture”. And the answers aren’t any less interesting. Stickers are now a constant in the urban space, be it adds, the proclamation of political ideologies, or support for a specific sports team. But besides that, there are names and images that artists, writers, or simply creative types decide to leave on the walls and signposts as a record of existence, with more and more personalities arriving, since the inception of the practices of graffiti and street art. This year, though, less. But even so, they keep going on.
If a worldwide sticker culture exists or not is a question yet unanswered. But it’s undeniable that a community exists. And Stickem is here for it, opening it’s doors both to new writers doing tags on supermarket labels, and for masters ordering screen-printed eggshells thousands at a time.
The beauty of a community like this is the support and the permanent contacts. And even in such an odd year, it keeps going on.
Here’s to better years, with more opportunities of going outside. And to more 5 years of Stickem, delivered with heart and soul to this amazing community.

Text by:
João Kendall/Porto Walls Forever
December 2020

TThe 5 Years of Sticker Culture Project exhibition was an event held in Porto (Portugal) to promote the sticker culture.
The idea was to offer the greatest promotion to artists dedicated to this culture. Now that we have worked on this project for 5 years already, we had to celebrate it in style.
The exhibition took place at Urtiga Gallery (a young gallery from Porto dedicated to promoting urban art), open to all types of art, but above all with the aim of helping less known artists.
After talking with João Kendall, the rest was a piece of cake. Really super easy and, he and the rest of the Urtiga crew, gave us all the necessary help to be able to develop this exhibition in these hard times and in the middle of the pandemic. For that, and before continuing, thank you very much for the immense support we received.
The exhibition took place from October 10th to 18th. The Urtiga space, as it is divided into two floors, facilitated the entry of many attendees at the same time and allow the exhibition to be done safely and without any risk.
The exhibition had many sections:
Floor 0

    • 1) We held a raffle for the first 50 people coming in; they were two wooden pieces full of stickers from all the artists who participated.
  • 2) In the upper part, there were decks that were taking part on another raffle and a small table with numbers were exposed and the participants could get a guaranteed prize. A total of 150 numbers disappeared really quick. Awards that ranged from one sticker to 50 stickers, or even some prints and a couple of magazines.
  • 3) The exhibition was another perfect reason for promoting our anniversary of 5 Years of Sticker Culture Project magazine that compiles all the work developed during these 5 years, now in printed, consisting of two magazines. The first “Stickem” with 65 interviews; and the second “Seekem” with a total of 400 stickers.

Floor -1
At the low floor we had the honor of sharing the space with Mariana Ptks, an artist from Porto, also holding her own exhibition and who deserves a moment to take a look at her instagram @marianaptks. And with another show that included the work of various Portuguese artists such as @ohbrunolisboa @oaktreedraws @ines.arisca @veshpa @itay_peleg_ @ser.juhanreis @cest719_is_dead @mynameisnotsem @gaiolaart @bad_kid_d @ar.umi @hoje___ @jvmanji @thegodmess @berri.bue @misslazyfatcat @by.imune @heitorcorreaart @giro_artonwheels @costahstreet @ cest719_is_dead . Do not hesitate and visit the work of such great artists.

  • 4) On the main wall we made a paste up with the artists who sent pieces in a large format. Artists like @planet selfie from Germany, @shaman from Mexico, @everyknowswolf from Spain, @pinky_ponko from Germany or @rinascimento_punk from Italy… A wall measuring 7 m long by 2.90 high.
  • 5) Also in a central pillar and of course, counting on the great support of BD SKATE CO that provided some skateboards, which were lined with stickers, where the color was the main theme.
  • 6) In the center we had the opportunity to have two more sections, one of them was to make a record in a book with a sticker of each artist along with the name of an Instagram account, so anyone can contact the artist they want and some trains bombed, by hand or digitally, were also placed at that spot.
  • 7) A large wall was made out of wooden pieces with dimensions of 80 x 55cm, with a total of 24 pieces and approximately 2000 stickers one on top of the other trying to offer space for all the artists. We tried not to repeat the same artist, but sometimes the “chaos” of these little pieces of paper was so much that it was complicated to achieve it.

In total, in the entire project we had 23 nationalities and 236 artists (we apologize if any of the nationalities is not correct or if an artist is missing)

@haevi_styles / @epose_one / @dasfrohlein.moodmacherrr / @stekstreetart / @zeka_flv / @pozt.137 / @spaemspaem / @g1ftzwerg / @n1lbert / @streetart.cm / @ewos_team / @thelostmemorycard / @herr.eifel / @growlord1 / @gelber_schamane / @carla_mata_hari / @hhoodwatch / @bekkkimaus / @xz_one // @hahahastickem / @artalerie/ @planet_selfie / @vctrplnt / @levveunlevvelosse / @bona_berlin / @issogoes / @chill_mal_berlin /@__ghostcat__ / @manljusprinsessan /@greatymcgrate /@derviereckigehai /@mies.muschel /@lchtnbrg / @nat_at_art / @art.omato / @pinky_ponko /@rope_street_art / @pixmon_yay / @hellfire_yay / @psycozrcs / @vinnyraffa/ @putt.farken / @codestruktur / @muho_collective / @5m4ll.no1 / @bilmo_de_bachata / @reimerone_ / @zuckerbande /@tuma.virus / @pagee_one / @rubinski_art /

@Gerdy Harapos / @calaveradontchilla / @lacastencil / @movimentopetrushaus / @rustydeimos / @guillepachelo


@jango_gim / @stuffanddoze / @djcheff / @stickergoddess / @dupz.bxl


@naipe79 / @tira.irreverentes / @origraffes / @luhan.gaba / @alejordao_art /

@crame_and_fortune / @zombieartsquad / @ic.ich / @esmartificial /

@juanshock24 / @cptn_str33t / @maul.pillo / @bufalostreet / @_e.m.i.r.o_ / @luz_para_la_humanidad / @colectivoartoarte / @ciem.pies / @davidburva / #tiagot /

@slavenlunar /

@stickerman.es / @lasmadreflakas / @aka.soda / @daniel.snnt_stickers / @ecowasthere / @larrydondeestas / @peipegata / @tdecoma / @siempreviva84 / @china.mandarina / @hollowfactory / @tuti_parakeet / @desobediencia / @o_roxo / @dibujo_sindibujar / @mrbt62 / @calapatata / @curiosity_2 / @misterchanga / @goldenfamous1 / @tuamigosediento / @hippy.420 / @grubsinthecity / @ferrol.mola / @ezpz_stickers / @everybodyknownswolf / @akima_stickers / @la_caja_maja / @bearrrr.jpg /@yendodevolada / @coukstreet / @o__o-0.0.o__o / @basketofnean / @streets_illustrated / @wonkastickers / @dead_by_it / @speatgraff.bomb / @yiisuuuh / @ott0_16 / @64_crew / @colp_one / @chuberchu / @mowcka / @zeneone /@xaman / @lupen / @chorbo /@kalamarinios / @das / @bekrasy / @47.kml

@720nofun.treoner / @osiris114 / @hopemstory / @befa_streetinvasion / @pattatbxl / @littlebrother.art / @k.i.p.i.k / /@propaganda_project /@hentitan47 / @mr_depielli /@les_stickers_meme / @afraink /@leclozup / @kputgraffiti / @moglemog / @zeldabomba / @culkeeen /@tempo_1990 / @repkrepzone @f_r_e_d_f_r_e_d_ / @miss_me_art

@thepack_art_ / @proheroes015 /@corecodile /

@theunividuals / @zuko_75 / @baardmans / @ghs.stck / @tik_toy

@funkyformaggino / @save_our_souls_ / @whatifier / @giovannivelvet / @checuorehai / @valda_gump /@oakmood / @mattiahalevi / @imagrafik / @winstonswith /@snoopy.la.quercia / @za.tox / @danielemariti / @rinascimento_punk / @mellu

@shaman1494 / @muychulo

@sticky_gallery / @bartsucharski

@misslazyfatcat / @bimimonsters / @paulaprezende /@peixe_ / @cest / @goodmes / @sir_pek355 / @sem / @teresanunesphotography /@colagenas / @84oak / @jeffersonrib_ /@ofilhobastardo / @ar.umi / @by.imune / @plazdesign /

@pigeon_frolk / @_birdly_ /@brightness2000 /

@brazask8shop / @lepradelirio / @drimstickers

@brainfart_comics / @yolo_sticker / @bsuitman / @suffer.stickers / @pig.vicious / @j_a_y_185 /@tsupukka /

@ruperup.art / @pnguin_ / @doesthepope / @bentoghoul / @mycutecreatures /@la.lupa.art / @visionox11 / @vanityscareart

@montrosszero / @postfauvist / @glenthefrog / #lepo / @nancywantsart / @artbrainonhugs / @ndergrund / @sleepisdamous / @the.trash.bandit /@jonjonlives /@voxxromana / @gingergunshot / @the_ocky_bop / @vividtrash / @therealdickchiny / @sophiagasparianfineart / @mattycaz85


In total, all the 150 raffle entries were sold, the 4 skateboards decks and also 7 boards (80x55cm). The rest of the materials will be pasted or stuck in different spots along the city of Porto, because ultimately the stickers and most of this culture is dedicated to the street, to street art, so that it can be enjoyed by anyone. The wall made with all the paste-ups was removed and we currently cut it into different pieces that will be placed on the street and other smaller ones that will be sent with the magazine, 5 Years of Sticker Culture Project, the compilation of the 5 years of work. In this way, all the people buying a magazine will receive a small piece of this exhibition.
Many thanks to all the artists who participated in this exhibition, to Urtiga Gallery, to Tiago @thegodmess for the great help, to the colleagues who passed by to help and give moral support and to all the people who were interested and gave a little bit of help and stop by to enjoy this event. I would like to thank all who support this culture from the bottom of my heart

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