Stickem 2021


"Check out 2019 artists"


Stickers are attractive to me as a medium because they are ephemeral. It’s a way to make art without being too precious about it..


I started late 2019. I wanted a form of self-expression and a new hobby to keep me engaged, making stickers was the first one I tried and it stuck.


It started a long time ago, I wrote on my walls as a kid (always had a thing for creating or vandalism, depends how you look at it). Although it wasn’t until I went to college and met some graff writers who put me on this path and then it was on and off a good few years, however I probably restarted properly mid 2018/19.


The idea of bazzagramz came along when me and my brother went on a street art tour around London and started seeing 3D art on the streets, so we Googled how to make 3D street art and started doing it!
The 3D street Bananas started around about July 2018, the Bazza graffiti and stickers started some time in 2019.

02. YAYA

I have been creating street art for year. I used to draw comics then suddenly decided to make huge paintings them pasted them up in the streets. It was quite by accident.


February 2019 I started doodling again
after a 15 year break, I used to throw up some tags and a few dubs and that but never really
had the confidence to get up… getting older fixed that.