01. How would you define Fade One?

Fader_0ne/ Fade/ Faded. Noun; A bipedal mammal with an affinity for vandalism, distinguished by the colour markings left on walls and surfaces.

02. How did all begin? How long have you been with this?

It started a long time ago, I wrote on my walls as a kid (always had a thing for creating or vandalism, depends how you look at it). Although it wasn’t until I went to college and met some graff writers who put me on this path and then it was on and off a good few years, however I probably restarted properly mid 2018/19.

03. Why do you attaching stickers?

It’s not just stickers, I enjoy painting and paste-ups. However, stickers are a lot faster to put up and I can put as much detail in them as I want, with no time limit, before they hit the streets. Also you can put them just about anywhere, if I don’t have time/means to tag the surface, Bam.. on goes a sticker.

04. An interesting anecdote?

Just life in general to be honest, there’s always something cracking off.

05. How do you see the sticker culture? Is there really subculture?

It is what it is really, everyone has their own agenda. Its free advertising for some. A way to get artwork/ symbols/ messages in people’s faces.

06. Do you considerer this movement like an art? What do you try to transmit with this?

Like I said before everyone has their own agenda, but it can be used as a tool to make art. Although art is subjective.
For me there’s rarely a message in my work, it’s whatever people think. Mostly I’m just having a good time doing what I want to do. The whole worlds a canvass and y’all are all attendees to the show.

07. Anything new in mind?

Ahh for that you’ll have to wait and see.

08. Farthest place where do you have gone? Where would you like see your stickers?

Probably Amsterdam personally, there’s a few over there. Although my work has reached New Zealand so far. I want to see them everywhere, all kinds of my art. Because, why not?

09. Some advice for the people are beginning in this art?

Do your research. Whether it be, stickers, paste-ups, paint etc. don’t start beef with other artists unless you can maintain, you will get bodied.
Destructible vinyl/ Eggshell is your best friend. Learn the unwritten rules of street art/ graffiti (although by now they’ll be written down somewhere)

10. Someone who had been a reference for you?

To be honest my inspiration/ references come from a lot of places, from strange dreams and my mindset at the current time, sea creatures, Lovecraftian mythology and too many horror movies to count.

11. Whom would you offer next month?

I’ma gonna call on my guy Vermin, he’s toasty in the sticker and paste-up game.

Do you have anyting to say? Greatings and thank you?

Ahh go on then,
Yooo NBC!!!!! Maddd big ups to the team; Truth, Ales, Bazzagramz, Bentoghoul, Dred, J2D, SpookyMushroom, LiskBot, Rupe, Raze, Vermin, Werck0ne, YAYA, Mime0ne. Bless peeps!
Grim, for taking me to some mad spots and being an absolute G!
And my girl for the support, patience and occasional lookouts, thanks Bug x
In the words of WAR42 “to anyone I forgot charge it to my mind not my heart”
You can follow me on Instagram @fade_0ne also drop the team a follow too @noxiousbastards

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